Pets Get Best: A Journey into Ecommerce


In today’s digital age, starting an ecommerce business has become more accessible than ever before. With the right strategies and tools, anyone can enter the world of online entrepreneurship. This blog will take you on a journey into the ecommerce business, using the story of Pets Get Best as an example. Pets Get Best is a brand that specializes in pet products, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Starting the Business

Pets Get Best began its journey in December 2018 as a dropshipping store. Dropshipping is a business model where the store owner doesn’t hold any inventory. Instead, they partner with suppliers who fulfill the orders on their behalf. This allows the business to operate without the need for a large capital investment. Pets Get Best started with a single product store, selling a pet pot spray, which was a housebreaking product for dogs.

The founders of Pets Get Best recognized the potential of the untapped Indian market for pet products. They focused on building trust with their customers by offering cash on delivery as a payment method, which was preferred by 90% of their customers. This helped them overcome the trust issues that are common in online transactions in India. Over time, Pets Get Best expanded its product range to include items like dog skin nail grinders and posture correctors.

Building a Brand

One of the key factors that contributed to the success of Pets Get Best was its branding strategy. The founders understood the importance of creating a professional and trustworthy image for their business. They invested in high-quality product images, professional website design, and customer reviews to build trust with their audience. By focusing on solving specific problems faced by pet owners, Pets Get Best was able to establish itself as a reliable brand in the market.

Overcoming Challenges

Like any other business, Pets Get Best faced its fair share of challenges. One of the initial hurdles was finding reliable suppliers who could fulfill their orders. However, with time and persistence, they were able to establish partnerships with both Indian manufacturers and international suppliers. This allowed them to offer a wide range of products to their customers.

Another challenge they faced was the competition in the online market. To differentiate themselves, Pets Get Best focused on providing excellent customer service and building a loyal customer base. They also leveraged the power of social media and YouTube videos to market their products and educate their audience. By providing valuable content and establishing themselves as experts in the field, they gained a substantial following and generated significant online sales.

Expanding the Business

As Pets Get Best gained momentum, the founders started exploring opportunities for expansion. They diversified their product range to include items like dog biscuits, leashes, and collars. They also considered offline ventures to further grow their business. However, their primary focus remained on their online store and building a strong brand presence.

To ensure the success of their ecommerce business, Pets Get Best partnered with mentors and coaches who provided guidance and support. They also engaged with the online community by offering mentorship and sharing their experiences. By giving back to others, they not only contributed to the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs but also established themselves as leaders in the industry.


The story of Pets Get Best is a testament to the possibilities that exist in the world of ecommerce. Through dedication, hard work, and strategic decision-making, they were able to build a successful online business. Their journey highlights the importance of branding, customer trust, and continuous learning in the ecommerce industry.

If you’re considering starting your own ecommerce business, take inspiration from Pets Get Best. Focus on solving specific problems, build trust with your audience, and leverage the power of online platforms to reach your target market. With the right strategies and a passion for your products, you too can create an amazing online business.

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